Common Six Sigma Products

At Six Sigma Systems, we believe that the right tools are essential for implementing and sustaining Six Sigma initiatives. We’ve partnered with Creative Safety Supply to bring you a curated selection of products designed to support your continuous improvement efforts. Below, we highlight some of the most common Six Sigma products available at CreativeSafetySupply.com, all of which can enhance your operational efficiency and safety.

Visual Management Tools

Floor Marking Tape

1. Floor Marking Tape

  • Description: Durable and easy-to-apply tape designed for marking pathways, work cells, and hazardous areas.
  • Benefits: Improves workplace organization, safety, and compliance with OSHA regulations.


Shadow Boards

2. Shadow Boards

  • Description: Customizable boards for organizing tools and equipment in a visually accessible manner.
  • Benefits: Reduces time spent searching for tools, enhances productivity, and maintains order.


Label Printers

3. Label Printers

  • Description: High-quality printers for creating custom labels for equipment, shelves, and inventory.
  • Benefits: Facilitates clear communication, proper labeling, and efficient workflow.


Safety Products

Safety Signs and Labels

4. Safety Signs and Labels

  • Description: A wide range of signs and labels designed to communicate important safety information.
  • Benefits: Enhances awareness of hazards, promotes safe practices, and ensures compliance with safety standards.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Description: Essential PPE including gloves, goggles, and respiratory protection.
  • Benefits: Protects employees from potential hazards and reduces the risk of injury.


Lean and Six Sigma Kits

5S Red Tags

6. 5S Red Tags

  • Description: Tags used during the Sort phase of 5S to identify items that need to be moved, discarded, or organized.
  • Benefits: Streamlines the organization process and helps maintain a tidy workspace.


Kaizen Foam

7. Kaizen Foam

  • Description: Foam inserts that can be customized to fit tools and equipment for better organization.
  • Benefits: Enhances efficiency by ensuring every tool has its place and is easy to find.


Training and Reference Materials

Six Sigma Training Manuals

8. Six Sigma Training Manuals

  • Description: Comprehensive manuals covering various aspects of Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Benefits: Provides employees with the knowledge needed to implement Six Sigma principles effectively.


Lean Six Sigma Reference Guides<

9. Lean Six Sigma Reference Guides

  • Description: Handy guides that offer quick access to essential Six Sigma concepts and tools.
  • Benefits: Supports continuous learning and application of Six Sigma practices.


Explore these products and more at Creative Safety Supply to find the tools that best suit your Six Sigma needs. With the right resources, you can drive significant improvements in efficiency, quality, and safety within your organization. Take the time to learn more about these important tools and resources to start improving your facility today.