Six Sigma Posters

Enhance your workspace and reinforce Six Sigma principles with our expertly designed Six Sigma posters. At Six Sigma Systems, we understand the importance of visual reminders in maintaining a culture of continuous improvement and quality. These posters serve as effective tools to keep your team focused on Six Sigma methodologies and goals.

Featured Six Sigma Posters

Adding one (or both) of these posters to your facility will help to keep everyone’s mind on the Six Sigma process.

Six Sigma Zero Defects Poster

Six Sigma Zero Defect Thinking Poster

  • Description: This poster emphasizes the Zero Defect mindset, a core concept in Six Sigma that encourages the pursuit of perfection and the elimination of defects.
  • Benefits: Inspires employees to strive for quality in every task, fostering a culture of excellence.


Six Sigma DMAIC Cycle Poster

Six Sigma DMAIC Cycle Poster

  • Description: This poster outlines the DMAIC cycle (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), providing a clear visual reference for the key stages of Six Sigma projects.
  • Benefits: Helps teams stay aligned with the DMAIC methodology, ensuring a structured approach to problem-solving and process improvement.

Display these posters in strategic locations around your facility to keep Six Sigma concepts top-of-mind for your team. For more information and to purchase these posters, visit the links above and explore how these visual aids can support your Six Sigma initiatives.

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